What are the advantages and disadvantages of chatbots?

The chatbot is a conversational robot resulting from a revolutionary technology based on artificial intelligence. It is programmed to hold a conversation with one or more people in order to provide information. It has long been adopted by several messaging companies. In order to understand its usefulness, here is a short presentation.

The benefits

The benefits of the chatbot are multiple and very beneficial for its users. The first advantage is its permanent availability which means that you can use it at any time and for more information visit their site.
Let's take the case for example of a restaurant company that uses the chatbot to improve its relationship with its customers. From this moment, the company will be able to know the real needs of its customers through the robot. This will allow the company to be in contact with the customer at any time of the day.
And so if during the night around 00h for example a customer wants to inquire about the dishes offered by the restaurant, the chatbot will provide him with the information he needs. Thus the restaurant to gain one more customer.

The disadvantages

Unfortunately, although useful, the chatbot still has limitations in its ability to hold a conversation. Since the robot has been designed to respond specifically to certain topics, it cannot satisfy everyone.
It will not be able to answer to subjects for which it has not been programmed. Thus, the chatbot will not be able to react appropriately to its interlocutor who is a human being with emotions. For example, if the customer gets angry during the conversation, the chatbot will only give a superficial programmed answer. 
All this proves that the participation of the human being in a discussion is essential, especially if it is about understanding the customer. The chatbot being a machine and therefore devoid of feelings will not be able to fulfill this task. This relational method with the customer must have a certain follow-up, because the chatbot is not close to replace the man in a conversation.