Tips for finding your lost dog quickly

You have a dog at home. Since your return from work, you can't find it? What should you do? Is it time to panic? How can you search for your pet and find him as soon as possible? Discover in this guide some of our tips that can help you in this sense.

Making a loss report

With this blog here, you will know how to find your lost dog in no time. Indeed, the first attitude you should have when you notice that your dog is missing is to go for the lost report. If you have already reported your dog to the I-cad, the problem would not arise. Simply send an e-mail or call the agency directly and report the loss. Give the agency your dog's identification number and attach a recent photo of your dog. If your dog is not identified, attach all the basic and additional information about your dog to the declaration. This would allow your dog to be identified even if you have never seen it before.

Going on a search for your dog yourself

. You are the owner of your dog. Only you, have the ability to easily recognize your dog. Go looking for it. Search in the neighbourhood. Go to all the places where you usually walk with your dog. He could be in one of these places. Since dogs are sociable animals, they may go looking for you. During the search, keep a photo of your dog and ask passers-by if they might have seen him. Make a search ad. In the advertisement, mention all the characteristics of your dog without going into too much detail. This will save you from scams. In order to get as many people as possible to see your ad, spread it on all social networks. Pay attention to the feedback from dogs seen or found. Ask the veterinarians in your area. You can also go door to door. Perhaps the dog has gone to mate with a neighbour's dog.