Things to consider before planning your baby shower

Planning a baby shower is as exciting as waiting for the birth. It's a unique time to celebrate the arrival of that special person with lots of affection. This article will give you some steps to organize your baby shower.

Choose the date

Ideally, the baby shower should take place between the sixth and eighth month of pregnancy, so that you can plan the missing items.  Be careful, though, if he or she is resting. Continue reading the article and you will see the most important advice published here Therefore, it is ideal to talk to your doctor before setting the date.  The month you choose may interfere with the menu and decorations, so try to set a date that you can plan better.

Reserve a location

Look for a location that fits the style of your baby shower.  If you want something more homey, less expensive and you have few guests, a space in a house that can accommodate the number of people on your list can be a great option, such as a living room, garage, house. Condo and building party rooms can also be a great option.  If you need a larger venue, a good idea is to get quotes from restaurants, event halls and other venues that offer more comprehensive tea party services, such as freezers, tables, chairs, air-conditioned environments, etc.

Set the Menu

When choosing the food and drinks for your baby shower, you need to consider the time of day and the type of party.  A good tip for afternoon baby showers is to invest in cakes, pies and snacks in general.  Ordering snacks can be a great option if you want convenience. Another great idea is to have guests bring a dish to set a delicious and varied table.  Don't forget the candy table either!  You can set a simple table with homemade candy or even order custom candy with the theme of the party, it will depend on how much you can invest. For evening baby showers, dinner is great, but it can be expensive, as the variety of dishes needs to be larger to suit everyone.