The nap: what do we need to know?

Whether we like it or not, sometimes we are tired and we need a nap to recover. What are the things we need to know about the nap? We will know this in the development.

The effects of the nap on the brain?

"Everyone knows that in order to grow well, you need to sleep well. Please browse this site. However, many people don't know that sleep is mainly used to keep the brain in an optimal state and to increase intellectual abilities. During the night, you go through different stages of sleep in a "sleep train". Some stages help strengthen your memory and retain information. Others help you learn new skills, such as riding a bike. So when a child learns to play a musical instrument or a new sport, he or she is more proficient after the sleep phase than after the rest phase.

Is napping important for adults?

Our sleep is getting worse and worse. And the need for sleep is constant. Let me remind you that on average we need seven hours of sleep per night for seven days. So we are in a state of sleep deprivation that affects our morale, mood, ability to concentrate, stress and intellectual functioning.

What are the benefits of short naps?

According to a recently published study, short naps can boost the mental performance of people who take them. These naps also allow for better spatial orientation and verbal expression. In addition to rest, these naps help restore and resynchronize neurons. The ideal time for a nap is in the early afternoon, around 1pm. If it's too late, you may suffer from insomnia that night. As for the duration, it should be relatively short: about 10 to 20 minutes. Also, you may fall into a deeper stage of sleep and wake up with the unpleasant feeling of being slower than before you fell asleep. Don't forget to set your alarm before you go to bed!"