Methods of combating high blood pressure

We speak of high blood pressure when the concentration of blood is too high in the arteries. Hypertension can be permanent. Also, it can be a paroxysmal state without necessarily responding to a pathology. In this article, we will discover some practices to fight against this disease.

How to fight against hypertension?

In fact, high blood pressure causes saturation of the pumping function of the heart, which tires out early and becomes defective. Visit the site for more information on high blood pressure. Here are some steps to fight this disease:

Precautionary measures

- Try to rectify the flaws in the lifestyle,

- Learn to avoid all types of overeating,

- Fight salt abuse at home and in your children,

- Identify the foods that are the most salty, namely: carbonated drinks; pastries, cheese, cold meats; the bread ; the canned goods,

- Stop smoking,

- Reduce the risk of overweight.

Early detection

Let your doctor take your blood pressure and your family's blood pressure regularly, starting at an early age, even if you have no obvious symptoms, at least every year from your thirties. If you experience early symptoms such as shortness of breath, headache, ringing in the ears, "flying flies", please talk to your doctor.


The principle of treatment is to regulate your blood pressure calmly and with physical activity, generally without great difficulty, but it must be undertaken as soon as possible after the manifestation of the first signs.

It will aim to:

- Correct the most serious food abnormalities, reduce salt consumption according to the doctor's advice.

- Eliminate the vectors of danger: stress, smoking, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Also, it is necessary to use the appropriate pharmaceutical treatments:

- antihypertensive against disorders of the nervous system

- beta blockers for the cardiac side

- vasodilators intended for the vessels.

Strict support

In order to be effective, the management of arterial hypertension requires permanent and lifelong monitoring. Unless your doctor tells you not to, do not change it and never stop it. The only reason is that the therapies currently in use fail to regulate blood pressure.

Indeed, it happens that the fact of suspending the treatment causes a return of extremely violent and perilous arterial hypertension. The tension then rises again, with the added possibility of recurrence. A priori, medical treatment is such a simple solution, provided that it is not necessary to delay putting it in place.