Henry explains how Mikel Arteta is making some progress at Arsenal

Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher are highly regarded figures in the Sky Sports team. Their years of professional and analytical experience are valued not only in the Sky Sports team but also in the wider sporting world. Recently, these two veterans shared their views on Mikel Arteta's current reign as Arsenal boss.

They must be consistent

Thierry Henry explained that Mikel Arteta has the moral and professional justification to lead a team like Arsenal. While he was quick to point out that some things need to change in the team, he explained that the Spaniard himself has a great team with youngsters like Bukayo Saka, Smite Rowe, and many others. go to the siteo find more tips on bollybulding.

However, he stressed that the team lacks consistency. He explained that the team must play with more confidence and show a sense of purpose at all times. Henry graphically illustrated how the team can be so boring at one moment and turn things around at other moments.

Arteta has a moral standard

Jamie Carragher didn't just see things from a performance perspective. He explained that Mikel Arteta made a moral point of leaving the cup captain on the bench for the North London Derby match against Tottenham.

The decision to exclude the club's captain and star was made because of his lack of punctuality. For this reason, he was forced to watch the club's victory over their North London rivals from the stands.

However, there are fears that the club captain could face further sanctions after leaving the pitch in a hurry and failing to celebrate with his teammate. In response, Mikel Arteta declined to comment further on the incident and said he hoped the star had learned his lesson.