Everything you need to know about using a Facebook chatbot

Nowadays, the use of computer programs in the field of commerce helps to increase sales. One of these computer programs is the Facebook chatbot. It is therefore important to learn how to use a Facebook chatbot. This will help you to get the most out of this bot. Find out everything you need to know about using a Facebook chatbot in this article.

Facebook chatbot: Address concerns and help customers

It's a good idea to use a Facebook chatbot to address the usual concerns of your customers. It's easier for a user to request information by sending a message via Facebook, rather than sending an email for a longer response time. So you can use the concerns that come up time and time again and set up automatic responses to give your customers quick answers at the best possible time. You can read here for more specific information. These concerns can be about, for example: - Opening hours; - Status of an order; Delivery charges - Delivery charges; - How to change a product and other goods, etc. When the customer's concern is about an order they have already placed, asking them to provide their order number is a way to make your Facebook chatbot more reliable and efficient.

Facebook chatbot: Making the buying process easier

Helping a consumer through the buying process is often appreciated by customers. This can be done by using your Facebook chatbot, for example, to send them a confirmation message when they make the payment. Allow them to set up payment terms, set up technical support when they face a situation where their card has been declined or their payment has failed, etc.

Facebook chatbot: Sending alerts or personalised offers

There are several situations where sending an alert to a customer is necessary. Using your Facebook chatbot to do this is one solution. Sending personalised offers is a way to increase consumer demand more quickly. Using your Facebook chatbot for this task saves you time and has an irresistible buying effect with consumers.